Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Makeover in Orlando

From LA Observed:
Sam Zell's Orlando Sentinel has unveiled its new more colorful and "get to the point" redesign. The editor of the Chicago Tribune today told her staff that the paper will remake itself and do it at unheard-of speed for a complete redesign: launching in 90 days. Meanwhile, Zell's COO Randy Michaels was at the L.A. Times this week, leading to tense closed-door meetings all over the place and fueling all sorts of rumors. The details of staff and page cuts threatened for this month have yet to be announced, but they are nervously awaited. The anony-blogger at Tell Zell has launched an effort to investigate Zell's handling of the pension funds, and asked questions about the lease of space to Zell's sister. Sphere: Related Content

Weegee: A Summer Snapshot

Weegee's photos from the 1930s and '40s defined Manhattan as a film noir nightscape of gansters, bums, slumming swells and tenement dwellers.
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