Saturday, November 22, 2008 Launches 'Layoff Daily'

Media layoffs are becoming so frequent, and our email inboxes are getting so overloaded with tips about firings, that we figure that we might as well start a daily liveblog on the topic. Know about layoffs hitting a media company? Post it in the comments below. We'll be updating this post as new reports come in. So far today, we've heard the Life&Style marketing staff got whacked yesterday and that Source Interlink, publisher of Motor Trend and Soap Opera Digest is rumored to be cutting 150 jobs ... Sadly, we're expecting more to come. [For the squeamish you can always email us at (but not from your work account, kids!) or call our tip line at 646-214-8138.] >More »

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Font Funnies

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Story Behind the Sun-Times' Election Front Page

It's a front page for the ages. You know it instantly when you see it: Barack Obama's face, close up, in black and white, with the words "Mr. President" in the bottom right corner.

Most other newspapers documented Obama's victory with powerful images of Obama and his family celebrating in Chicago's Grant Park. The editors at the Chicago Sun-Times decided to go in a completely different direction. [Click for MORE]

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rather’s Lawsuit Shows Role of G.O.P. in Inquiry

When Dan Rather filed suit against CBS 14 months ago — claiming, among other things, that his former employer had commissioned a politically biased investigation into his work on a “60 Minutes” segment about President Bush’s National Guard service — the network predicted the quick and favorable dismissal of the case, which it derided as “old news.”
Dan Rather
So far, Mr. Rather has spent more than $2 million of his own money on the suit. And according to documents filed recently in court, he may be getting something for his money.

Using tools unavailable to him as a reporter — including the power of subpoena and the threat of punishment against witnesses who lie under oath — he has unearthed evidence that would seem to support his assertion that CBS intended its investigation, at least in part, to quell Republican criticism of the network. [Click for MORE] Sphere: Related Content

Andy Rooney Prefers Newspapers Over TV

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