Friday, November 7, 2008

Kim Jong Il: Digital Trickery?

It seems that the angle of the shadow cast by the "Dear Leader" is different from his comrades'

It was intended to be the photograph that settled the matter once and for all — three months after vanishing from public view, and after reports that he had undergone brain surgery following a stroke, the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, was alive and well.

But a close look reveals something shady around the ankles of the world’s last Cold War dictator. [Click for MORE]

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Rejected Obama Front Pages

Click image for large version.
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Scripps Layoffs in California, Florida, Texas, Indiana

Waiting only two days after their election coverage wrapped up, E.W. Scripps is laying off employees at their newspaper properties in California, Florida, Texas, and Indiana.

Scripps is due to report their third quarter earnings on Friday, and it is rumored that as many as 400 jobs may be cut across the chain.

In Ventura, Calif., 45 people learned today that their jobs were being cut, 17 from the paper's newsroom (about 20 percent of the editorial department). [Click for MORE] Sphere: Related Content

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Flashback: Election Night 1996

Election Day Nov. 5, 1996 at The Miami Herald from Robertson Adams on Vimeo. Sphere: Related Content

America's Front Pages I

Click HERE to see how newspapers reported Obama's Election.

And Click HERE for hundreds of front pages worldwide.

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America's Front Pages II

Click HERE for a look back at how newspapers played Obama's nomination.

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Newspapers Crank Up the Presses Again

From Romanesko:

Romenesko Letters
"One man came up to a delivery truck and bought 300 copies, says Sun-Times managing editor Don Hayner. || Sun editor's memo: "You all produced 'the history paper' today."
> Hundreds line up to buy WP's commemorative edition
> USA Today prints 380K extra copies, but still sells out

Newspapers restart presses to meet election issue demand
Chicago Tribune | Editor & Publisher | Washington Post
The Chicago Tribune and New York Times are printing 50,000 more newspapers, while the Washington Post is printing 250,000 copies of a commemorative edition of today's paper. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had to move its single-copy sales operation outside after a newspaper-hungry crowd filled the lobby. || The Birmingham News' first printing sells out.
> NYC newsstand had to turn away hundreds
> "I've never seen it like this," says Detroit single-copy sales chief
> Sun-Times bumps up press run by 50%, but still sells out
> Dallas Morning News prints an additional 50,000 copies
> Newspapers sell press plates, posters and plaques
> Fayetteville Observer sells laminated front pages for $40
> Virginian-Pilot and Daily Press print additional copies
> NYT will increase press run for tomorrow's paper, too

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Beam Me Up Scotty!

CNN transmits "hologram" of reporter from Chicago into Atlanta studio. Sphere: Related Content

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


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