Monday, January 28, 2008

Assignment for Jan. 30

Assignment for Jan. 30

1) Rewrite: Finish your rewrite of the Bank Robber story. Email it to your instructor if you want an early critique.

2) Review: Continue your study of the AP Stylebook. Finish the alphabet and be prepared for an open-book quiz.

4) Consider: Have you thought about the two-part California Primary assignment? Bring your questions and problems to class.

5) Extra Credit No.1: Write a story about tonight's "State of the Union" speech. If you can't view it live, it will be repeated on C-SPAN and almost all the news channels.

6) Extra Credit No.2: Write a story about the"Paving Paradise" presentation scheduled for 7 p.m. this evening in the Performing Arts building.

7) Read: If you aren't current in the text, you need to catch up immediately. Sphere: Related Content

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