Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Uh, Oh...

No Voting Equipment at one California Polling Place

As voting got under way in the hotly contested California primaries, an official at one Los Angeles polling station complained he had not received the proper equipment on Tuesday.

Bernie Cade, the electoral inspector at the Westside Jewish Community Center, said the equipment hadn’t arrived, hours after polls opened.

Cade said he had not received voting machines or the ink that goes in them for any of the seven booths in the polling station. [Click for MORE}

Some voters encounter locked doors and other delays
as they turn out for the state's pivotal primary

At least two Los Angeles-area polling places were shuttered this morning when voters showed up to cast their ballots, and other polling sites reported long lines and scattered glitches, though county election officials described today's vote as going relatively smoothly.

Californians are turning out today -- possibly in large numbers -- to choose presidential nominees and decide the fate of seven ballot propositions and numerous local issues. [Click for MORE]

Los Angeles = Voting Problems Everywhere?

From LAist.com:
We're getting reports of problems from readers, writers and the media. John Ennis, one of the founders of Video the Vote, gave LAist this update. Most of the confusion today is over people who are not registered as Democrat or Republican who want to vote in the primaries. The issue might be that they moved and they thought they were up to date. If you are a non-partisan voter, all you have to do is go to either a Democratic or Republican voting booth. Other than a few precincts not opening on time, Ennis says things seem to be running smooth, but it's early in the day he warned. To report a bad voting experience, call Video the Vote at 866-OUR-VOTE

Here are some other comments we've heard around the interwebs ... [Click for MORE]

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