Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Daily News Eliminates Sacramento Bureau

Harrison Sheppard is returning to the Woodland Hills office, where he will do a mix of editing and reporting, the Sacramento Bee's Capitol Alert says. Sheppard went up to Sacramento after the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor. With the Sacramento editor of the San Jose Mercury News taking a buyout, the last Media News reporters left in the state capital will be Steve Harmon of the Contra Costa Times, Steve Geissinger of the Oakland Tribune and Edwin Garcia, Mike Zapler and Kimberly Kindy of the Mercury. But further cuts are expected.

Also in LANGland: The Long Beach City Council heard from disgruntled Press-Telegram staffers yesterday and might consider pulling its advertising from the paper. Editor Rich Archbold warned that would be a mistake: "I can't think of a worse idea. We live by our advertising revenue and by circulation revenue." Press-Telegram, Stress-Telegram


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