Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh, No! Papers Are Sharing Stories with OHNO

Attentive readers no doubt have noticed that over the last month, some unusual bylines have been showing up in the pages and on the Web site of The [Cleveland] Plain Dealer.

Stories from the Columbus Dispatch, the Toledo Blade, the Cincinnati Enquirer and even the Akron Beacon Journal are popping up all over the place. What's more, if you happen to find yourself in one of those cities or visit those newspapers' Web sites, you're likely to encounter Plain Dealer stories there.

What's going on here? Did all the newspapers in Ohio suddenly stop competing and become one big happy family?

Well, no. But, in a way, yes.

Competition for news is alive and well, but the eight largest papers in Ohio have finally come to an accommodation that, for my money, was long overdue.

It's called "OHNO," an unfortunate pronunciation for an acronym that means "Ohio News Organization." [Click for MORE]

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