Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Newspapers Crank Up the Presses Again

From Romanesko:

Romenesko Letters
"One man came up to a delivery truck and bought 300 copies, says Sun-Times managing editor Don Hayner. || Sun editor's memo: "You all produced 'the history paper' today."
> Hundreds line up to buy WP's commemorative edition
> USA Today prints 380K extra copies, but still sells out

Newspapers restart presses to meet election issue demand
Chicago Tribune | Editor & Publisher | Washington Post
The Chicago Tribune and New York Times are printing 50,000 more newspapers, while the Washington Post is printing 250,000 copies of a commemorative edition of today's paper. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had to move its single-copy sales operation outside after a newspaper-hungry crowd filled the lobby. || The Birmingham News' first printing sells out.
> NYC newsstand had to turn away hundreds
> "I've never seen it like this," says Detroit single-copy sales chief
> Sun-Times bumps up press run by 50%, but still sells out
> Dallas Morning News prints an additional 50,000 copies
> Newspapers sell press plates, posters and plaques
> Fayetteville Observer sells laminated front pages for $40
> Virginian-Pilot and Daily Press print additional copies
> NYT will increase press run for tomorrow's paper, too

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