Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Primer in News Credibility

Whatever Tribune's Sam Zell wants to call it,
copy editing is vital to quality in journalism and beyond

Tribune Co. owner Sam Zell, in a recent Conde Nast interview, lamented the layers of work involved in putting out a newspaper.

"If this gentleman over here is a reporter and he calls in and says, 'I've got a story and you want to put it up on the Web,' he talks to one copywriter, they put it all together, it's on the Web in 10 minutes," Mr. Zell said. "But if that same story with the same facts is going in the newspaper, then it goes to the copywriter, the section editor, the page editor, I mean, it goes to everybody. OK? And you wonder why the newspapers can't financially compete."

Well, we'd like to fill in some holes in Mr. Zell's conception of news publishing. [Click for MORE]

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