Thursday, January 29, 2009

Everyone Gets Kicked to the Curb

Less than three years after its launch as the city's second daily newspaper, The Baltimore Examiner is shutting down, a victim of slower-than-expected ad sales.

Employees of the free tabloid were informed of the closure Thursday morning. The Examiner will publish its last issue on Sunday, Feb. 15. About 90 people will lose their jobs, said Jim Monaghan, a spokesman for Clarity Media Group, the paper's Denver-based parent company. [Click for MORE]

> Layoffs At Disney And Time Warner

> At Reader’s Digest, Layoffs Are Part of ‘Recession Plan’

> Maryland's Capital Gazette cuts 111 jobs

> More Layoffs Quietly Under Way At IBM, Group Says

> Mass layoffs up; cuts at Boeing

> Thousands More Layoffs Announced Today

> Starbucks: More layoffs, stores to close

> Cuts at Page Six Magazine, More Changes at OK!


Barbarian fighting the good fight on Twitter

Themediaisdying copy

It's not hard to find bad news about the media industry, whether it's the plummeting ad revenues for newspapers, the layoffs at magazines or the full-blown ad recession. It can be a real bummer. But what bleeds leads, as they say. A self-described bunch of "concerned PR professionals" have set up a Twitter account called TheMediaIsDying to chronicle media-industry layoffs so that fellow flacks know who to take off their spam—I mean contact—lists. It has attracted more than 10,000 followers. The Barbarian Group's Rick Webb, a firm believer in awesomeness of the Internet, has had enough and, with colleague Noah Brier, begun a rival feed: MediaIsThriving. The feed aggregates evidence of media doing quite well, thank you very much, such as the growth in cable-TV jobs, French movies doing nicely and the Financial Times growing readership after hiking subscription rates. UPDATE: Add another optimistic media-focused Twitter feed to the mix: TheMediaIsHirin.

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