Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Assignment for Jan. 14

1) Read Chapter 2. Also scroll down the blog (and click the link for older posts) and read: "Read All About It" and "Print Is Dead: Long Live Print"

2) Do Exercise 2 on page 20. You can't delay this assignment because it involves reading and viewing media over a three-day period. Your work must be typed. Here is the assignment:
Keep a journal of your reading or viewing habits of news for three days. Write a paragraph each day about the kinds of stories you read and didn't read, how many you read all the way through, and how many you read just through the headline or the first few paragraphs. Do the same for the stories you read online. Analyze your preferences. Record the amount of time you spent reading the newspaper for pleasure, not for an assignment. Record how much you watched news on TV. Then interview three other people -- students, neighbors or strangers -- and ask them what kinds of stories they do and don't read in print and online. Ask where they get the majority of their news -- from print, broadcast or online media. Write a summary of your findings.
3) Be prepared for a possible quiz on Chapters 1 and 2 sometime this week. Sphere: Related Content

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