Friday, January 11, 2008

You've Got Tribune. Now Do Something

How new owner Sam Zell can breathe life into newspapers amid widespread malaise

Happy 2008 and big congratulations, Sam Zell! You got your deal done for Tribune. Just in the nick of time, judging from all the moaning I'm hearing about how hard it is to borrow money these days. Thanks for bringing idiosyncrasy back to a medium that once, long before an initial public offering ever dirtied the desk of a press lord, was peopled by publishers with mud on their boots and rifles in their offices, if I may paraphrase the late David Halberstam. Now for the hard part: coming up with solutions in an industry long run by executives who've been stewing in its old assumptions their entire working lives.

The bad news is everyone thinks you're nuts. [Click for MORE]

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