Thursday, February 28, 2008

Assignment for March 3

1) Continue to check this blog for media news and assignment updates.

2) Re-read your AP Stylebook and apply style to everything you write for this class.

3) Read Chapter 9 in the text.

4) Do exercise 1 on page 206. Remember that deadlines will now be strictly enforced. All work should be typed and double-spaced. Work submitted via email should be formatted as a Word.doc attachment.

5) Prepare for an open-book quiz/test covering the text, AP Stylebook, class lectures and perhaps some current events and media news from the class blog.

6) Start gathering all of your classwork for a portfolio. Nothing fancy required. A three-ring binder will suffice. We'll have some one-on-one sessions before the Spring Break. More details to come. Sphere: Related Content

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