Sunday, February 10, 2008

In the Shadow of 'the Chief'

Final edition rolls off the Herald Examiner's ancient presses in 1989.

The Chief's ghost lingered when I came, mostly in the stories from the old timers, and the decaying condition of the premises. One of the veterans purportedly went with a group of men to fetch [William Randolph] Hearst's body away from mistress Marion Davies' house when he died. I asked him about it one night at Corky's, the "HerEx" watering hole across a street from the newspaper.

"We got the call and went down there and…" then he started to cry and didn't say another word. I don't have an idea if the story was true, but it brought this tough old bird to what seemed like real tears. [Click for MORE]

> The Wayback Machine: Death of the Herald Examiner

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