Saturday, April 12, 2008

Assignment for April 14, Arrrrgh...

Avast me hearties,

Remember that the final version of your feature story is due by Monday. That is the DEADLINE. Remember to type double-spaced, check spelling, grammar and AP style, and email a version to yer instructor as a Word document. Students who miss the story deadline are subject to a fate so horrible to contemplate that my fingers tremble as they touch the keyboard. Woe to them who stare into the bloodshot eye of Deadline... and blink. Telling of it will make your blood run cold. Arrrgh, Cap'n Deadline takes no prisoners. You could ask his parrot Polly, except she oddly disappeared last Thanksgiving when the roast turkey was late in arriving. His brother in arms, Cap'n Hook had two hands when... but I'd better not tell you that one. Let this be a warning to ya!

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