Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Media Miscellany...

Daytona Beach News-Journal on the block

Editor & Publisher - 11 Apr 2008

The News-Journal Corp. is putting The Daytona Beach (Fla.) News-Journal up for sale.

Moody's downgrades Journal Register deeper into junk

Mark Fitzgerald - Editor & Publisher - 11 Apr 2008

Moody's Investors Service downgraded Journal Register Company's corporate debt rating two notches deeper into junk territory late Thursday on concerns the publisher of the New Haven (Conn.) Register is losing too much top-line revenue to cover its repayment obligations.

Newspapers in the USA - The next five years

World Association of Newspapers - 11 Apr 2008

Dean Singleton, the Vice Chairman and CEO of the MediaNews Group in the United States, has joined the programme of the World Newspaper Congress, where he will present his group’s strategy plans for the next five years, while addressing the current difficulties of the most challenging market in the world.

LANG consolidation stumbles onward

Gary Scott and Paul Oberjuerge - The Stress-Telegram - 11 Apr 2008

Gary Scott, aka Reporter-G, and Paul Oberjuerge bring us the latest episode in MediaNews' ongoing cost-cutting regimen. It turns out that as bad as things are in L.A. county, they're arguably even bleaker for our inland brethren.

Philly Guild suing newspapers over pensions

The Associated Press - 09 Apr 2008

The largest union of The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News is suing the newspapers' owner for merging two employee pension plans without its consent, charging that one plan is severely underfunded and would endanger the health of the second pension.

NLRB rules against Santa Barbara News-Press

The Associated Press - 09 Apr 2008

A federal agency has dismissed a claim brought by the Santa Barbara News-Press against an employees union, concluding the newspaper failed to provide sufficient evidence that the union tried to interfere with newspaper sales.

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