Monday, April 14, 2008

Assignment for April 16

1) Complete the in-class exercise. First read the Wall Street Journal editorial that criticized the Pulitzer committee for awarding the prize to journalists who exposed the actions of White House aides who "outed" a covert CIA agent. Then read the column by Tim Rutten of the LA Times, in which he takes the WSJ editors to task. Both opinion pieces were emailed to you earlier. Decide with which position you agree. Make some notes and come to class ready to discuss.

2) Read Chapters 11 and 12 on web and broadcast journalism.

Looking ahead:

3) Review the Society of Professional Journalists code of ethics at

4) Read ahead to Chapters 13 and 14. Also, read and pay special attention to appendix pages 501 - 513.

5) Plan to attend class on Monday, April 21. Attendance is required to hear guest speaker Rip Rense, photo right . Be prepared to ask questions You will write a story based upon his talk. For more on Rense, see Sphere: Related Content

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