Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Name to Herald Its Merger: Thomson Reuters

Years ago, when Thomson was primarily a newspaper publisher, its head office in Toronto’s department store district displayed the company’s low-key approach to business. Its only corporate promotion was an undistinguished brass sign beside the front door.

Little of that shyness will be found on Thursday when the Thomson Corporation, a leading provider of electronic financial, medical and legal data, officially completes its takeover of Reuters, the venerable British financial information provider and news agency.

Entire subway stations in New York, Toronto and London will be decorated with the company’s new name, Thomson Reuters, and its new logo, a series of encircling dots, as will the buildings housing the leading stock exchanges in those cities. And most of the electronic displays in Times Square will be taken over by the logo for part of the day as the chief executive, Thomas H. Glocer, leads a global telecast for the combined companies’ 50,000 employees. [Click for MORE]

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