Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tribune Co. Screws With the Yule Log

This Christmas millions of families will warm themselves around the TV.

The Yule Log - the annual hours-long, commercial free broadcast of a crackling hearth - exploded onto screens 42 years ago. Since then, it's only gotten hotter.

There are logs online for podcast, logs on-demand on cable, even an iLog for your iPhone.

But for purists there is only one: WPIX New York's Yule Log, introduced in 1966.

In 2001 after a 12-year absence, the log smoked the competition, handily winning its time slot. The original log was then picked up by the Tribune Company and aired nationally.

So why then would a young TV executive play with fire by filming a new Yule Log, to debut this Christmas? [Click for MORE]

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