Thursday, January 8, 2009

Newspapers Rescued in Connecticut

From Newspaper Death Watch:

It looks like a chain of Connecticut newspapers that were just days from closure will continue publishing under the guidance of a New Englander. Longtime newspaper executive Michael E. Schroeder (right) has bought the group that includes the Bristol Press, the New Britain Herald and three nearby weeklies. Schroeder was most recently publisher of BostonNOW, a free daily with a promising future that abruptly closed under unusual circumstances last spring. Schroeder was previously with Newsday. There’s no word on what he plans to do with his new possessions, but the papers will continue to publish on their current schedule for now. “We look forward to building upon the rich history of these properties,” reads Schroeder’s quote from the press release.

[Blog editor's note: Schroeder, an all-around professional and good guy, is a friend from old days at the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.]

> Buyer comes forward to save Conn. newspapers

> Bristol, New Britain Newspapers Get 'New Lease On Life'

> From breakfast and NY Times, to Bristol in a month

> 'New' Bristol Press to deliver info many ways

> Publicity Helped Save Bristol Press, N.B. Herald

> Sun-Times Media closing a dozen suburban papers

> Sun-Times unions asked to take compensation cut as papers seek new ways to trim costs

> Albuquerque Journal to halt some home deliveries

> Strib union rejects concessions, bankruptcy seems certain

> Bailing Out One of the 20th Century's Best Business Models

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