Friday, June 19, 2009

Legendary CBS Journalist Walter Cronkite Reportedly Gravely Ill

Legendary CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite, 92, long known as the "Most Trusted Man in America," is gravely ill, according to multiple CBS News sources and published reports.

According to Mediabistro's blog, TVNewser, the network began updating his obituary more than a week ago; a CBS News executive had no comment to TVNewser on the reports of Cronkite's failing health.

One of the most recognized and honored journalists in America, Cronkite anchored the "CBS Evening News" for 19 years, when he was replaced by Dan Rather.

Cronkite remained a special correspondent for the network through the years. [Click for MORE]

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1 comment:

Robert said...

Let me first say, it's sad to see that Cronkite's health is failing. Let's not forget, however, that Cronkite is a poster child for media bias. When he retired, Cronkite showed his true colors with him writing a series of ultra-liberal columns that he continued to write for a while. What is the right criteria for someone winning the title "honored journalist"?