Tuesday, June 16, 2009

San Diego Journalists Look at News Online

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This is a transcript of an interview broadcast on KPBS Radio's talk show "These Days." The transcript was created by a contractor for KPBS to make this interview accessible to the hearing impaired. Please refer to the audio recording as the formal record of this interview.

DOUG MYRLAND (Guest Host): I'm Doug Myrland. These Days in San Diego, and we're going to continue our media-themed discussion during this next segment. And we'll ask the big question: Will online news become the new standard for news gathering and distribution? We'll talk about the growth in online news sources and how changes in the media landscape may impact traditional media. And we have two guests in the studio including Andrew Donohue, Editor of VoiceofSanDiego.org. Welcome, Andy.

ANDREW DONOHUE (Editor, Voice of San Diego): Thanks for having me.

MYRLAND: And Chris Jennewein, president of SDNN, San Diego News Network. Welcome, Chris. [MORE]

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