Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Assignment for Jan. 28

1) Keep monitoring for current journalism news and updates on assignments. It is important for you to keep abreast of the challenging, changing media world.

2) You must read the text. If you have fallen behind, catch up now. Coverage of topics will begin to move faster. Not everything in the text will be reviewed in class discussions.

3) Read Chapter 7. If you haven't read the Calvin Trillin piece on Edna Buchanan yet, read it now!

4) Do exercise 2 on page 104 in preparation for your Primary Election advancer story. Typed work required.

5) Do exercise 8 on page 105. Typed work required. Attach the graphic to your paper.

6) Familiarize yourself with L-Q in the AP Stylebook. There may be a quiz this week.

Remember to bring your iPass password to class daily. Sphere: Related Content

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