Friday, January 25, 2008

Veteran Newsman Rips Blogs, 'Citizen Journalism'

At age 91, he still cranks out his National Public Radio commentaries on an electric typewriter.

Daniel Schorr eschews the Internet, openly disdains some bloggers and dismisses the whole idea of "citizen journalism."

Yet the dean of NPR pundits isn't hopelessly out of touch: If anything, Schorr has proved himself prescient in his analyses.

As early as 1993, Schorr warned about terrorism as the greatest U.S. threat. His first reference to Osama bin Laden came in 1998, well before the al-Qaida leader moved onto the mainstream-media radar.

And, in 1991, Schorr had this to say about the coziness of the CIA and the executive branch: "When policy drives intelligence, the chances are both will suffer." [Click for MORE]

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