Monday, January 21, 2008

Turmoil at the Times

Jim O'Shea speaks to Publisher David Hiller as he packs up his office.

Farewell From Times Editor O'Shea

One thing I want put on the record, though, is that I disagree completely with the way that this company allocates resources to its newsrooms, not just here but at Tribune newspapers all around the country. That system is at the core of my disagreements with David. I think the current system relies too heavily on voodoo economics and not enough on the creativity and resourcefulness of journalists....

This company, indeed, this industry, must invest more in solid, relevant journalism. We must integrate the speed and agility of the Internet with the news judgment and editorial values of the newsroom, values that are more important than ever as the hunger for news continues to surge and gossip pollutes the information atmosphere. ...

We need to tell readers more about Barack Obama and less about Britney Spears. [Click for text of SPEECH]

> Ousted Los Angeles editor assails Tribune Co.
> Times M.E. says disputed cuts not that bad
> Sam Zell OK with change at LAT
> John Carroll: 'L.A. Times' move has to hurt morale
> Not too auspicious a start for the Sam Zell Era at Tribune Co.
> LAT publisher disputes the notion that O'Shea was fired
> 'I want to make it clear that I didn't quit,' says O'Shea
> 'L.A. Times' meets 'The Wire'
> Source: Stanton to replace O'Shea at L.A. Times?
> How is the L.A. Times like 'The Wire'?
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