Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Publisher Rethinks the Daily:
It’s Free and Printed and Has Blogs All Over

Amid the din of naysayers who insist that newspapers are on the verge of death, a new company wants to start dozens of new ones — with a twist.
The Printed Blog, a Chicago start-up, plans to reprint blog posts on regular paper, surrounded by local ads, and distribute the publications free in big cities.

The first issues of this Internet-era penny-saver will appear in Chicago and San Francisco on Tuesday. They will start as weeklies, but Joshua Karp, the founder and publisher, hopes eventually to publish free neighborhood editions of The Printed Blog twice a day in many cities around the country. [Click for MORE]

> New Media Venture Turns Bloggers Into Print Journalists

> Media Firms Team Up to Test Online-Video Ad Formats

> Russian Tycoon Buys U.K. Newspaper

> Google to End Print-Ad Sales

> Long Beach Guild members ratify contract

> Tribune’s Los Angeles Times to cut more jobs by March

> Mexican billionaire invests in NY Times Company

> NYT called potential savior a 'thief'

> The Trib as a tab -- a first-day review

> Hedge fund wins control of Chicago Sun-Times parent

> Reporters not allowed at Zell's UCLA biz school talk

> The last time the newspaper biz got this gothic was 1765

> 2009 total: 499+ newspaper jobs lost

> Star Tribune: some buyout checks will bounce

> Journalism 1, Cablevision 0

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