Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mary Anne Dolan on Jim Bellows


Mary Anne Dolan was hired at the Los Angeles Herald Examiner by Jim Bellows and followed him as editor. Below are her remarks at last Friday's memorial service for Bellows, who died this month at age 86.

I walked into Jim’s room last Thursday and found him nattily dressed, lounging on his bed. He was propped up on his left side so as to watch the door. With his right hand he was trying to fold a page of the N.Y. Times.

He looked as handsome and vital that day as I ever saw him: Neatly-pressed khaki pants, crisp blue and white button-down shirt, khaki baseball cap, “Life is Good.”

“Hey, Dolan! You taking me to the doctor?” PAUSE, then
“Let’s go to lunch in Paris.” [Click for MORE]

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