Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Assignment for Feb. 25

1) Continue to review your AP Stylebook.

2) Read Chapter 18 in the text: "Speeches, News Conferences and Meetings."

3) Rewrite the "Hungry pet starts kitchen fire" story sent to you in a separate email.

4) Consider reporting an extra credit story. You get double points if you offer the story to the campus newspaper and it gets published.

5) Catch up on any reading you have failed to finish.

6) The deadline for submitting any past-due assignments is class time on Feb. 25. Any missing assignments not submitted by that time will get a grade of zero. After Feb. 25, deadlines will be strictly enforced.

7) You may rewrite any assignment to try to raise a grade. Submit the rewritten assignment with the original graded story attached. For clarity, when you convert any number grade to a letter grade, you can use this key:

A = Publishable quality
B = Publishable with editing
C = Substantial editing needed
D = Marginal quality
F = Unacceptable

8) Be prepared for a possible open-book test covering class notes, readings in the text and AP style on Feb. 27. Sphere: Related Content

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