Thursday, April 3, 2008

Moments In Time Change Lives

Outfielder Rick Monday of the Chicago Cubs dashes between two men in the Dodger Stadium outfield in Los Angeles, in this April 25, 1976 Herald Examiner photo, snatching an American flag the men were about to burn. What happened to photographer, James Roark, who shot the only photo of the incident? Roark, whose photo was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, lost his job when the paper closed, became a night cook in Portland and was beaten and killed outside a restaurant in 1995. He was 49.

An unemployed spectator and his son ran onto the field with an American flag and a large container of lighter fluid ... what happened next has become a moment in history. Those moments change all of us.

The players that day were changed, the 25,167 fans were changed, and once you hear the story, perhaps it will change you too. [Click for MORE]

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